PaedDr. Henrieta Kapuvariova

Born in Trnava as descendant of Stefan Banic, who invented parashoot and discovered Cave of Driny in Smolenice, Slovakia.

Studied at Highschool of Art Design in Bratislava. Graduated at Comenius University – Plastic Art and Painting.

Works are inspired by daily life, family, nature, friends, love, own dog and amazing childhood, which Henrieta spent in Smolenice. This village is situated under Zaruby - the highest peak of the Little Carpatians.

Henrieta puts her expresions, freedom, desires and in many cases even whole heart into art works. Her creations make celebrities happy not just in Slovakia, but all around the world.

Dedicated to provide you with custom paintings however keeping in mind distinctive design of your aparment, house or office.